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CPO Natural Terafil Water Filter
World's most economic water filter
WATSAN Envirotech Private Limited brings you

Natural Terafil®™  Eco-friendly Water Filters

Mother Nature has given us the best and immunized way of filtering and treating water. Clay and sand sintered in patented, tried and tested method by IMMT— CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) gives you the Natural Terafil®™  which are retrofitted  in best water containers designed and moulded by CIPET, the Premier Institute for Plastics technology, all Institutes of National Importance from INDIA, who guarantee virgin, toxic free, food grade containers supply. What more we need?


Natural Terafil Water filter BIS test results:

Turbidity: Within BIS limit

Iron: Within BIS limit

Micro— organisms: Significantly removed (near BIS)

Increased of pH: Within 1.0

Removal of colour /odour: Significant



Terafil®™ trade mark of CSIR (IMMT) Bhubhaneshwar, licensees - Custom Parts Online, the mfg co. for WATSAN Envirotech Private Limited, INDIA.



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